Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hi there,

It has been quite a long time since the last blog update, so let's catch up! Development has been slow last months, and if you are a regular PS3 user of the streaming, transcoding and/or remuxing features, the 1.10.5 build is still a good candidate to experiment the ps3's media capabilities, despite some shortcomings (audio/video compatibility detection based on extensions, slow media library for those using it, etc.)

However interesting features are on their way with newer beta versions (currently experimented in the forum if you feel adventurous) such as:

- Better media parsing, thanks to This allows for faster browsing, accurate format detection and automatic launch of the transcoder if required (still not 100% perfect, but closer than ever :p)
- Other media renderers support, such as connected TVs. It's a work in progress, so not everything works out of the box. Sony Bravia models are the best supported right now.
- Proper video remuxing, and DTS support for DVD ISOs.
- Many fixes, feature requests, etc.

A stable and proper version will come in the following weeks, stay tuned !